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Do you need some serious electronic angst in your ultra sweet bubble gum pop music?  Perhaps Reidiculous’ remix of “Call Me Maybe” by up and coming Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen is just what you need.  Integrating the infectious strings of the original with a gyrating thumping dance beat and stadium elements, Reidiculous serve the track up in an effort to translate it to all those popsters that are filling up your floors hoping to dance to “Starships” and “Part of Me”.  Well now they can have this, as well.  With the amount of attention “Call Me Maybe” is receiving, make sure to check out Carly’s EP, Curiosity, which has additional tracks that would sound excellent on the dance floor.  For now, here’s a little clubby pop to hopefully shake your groove thing to.

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Big thanks to Groove Armada for introducing Fenech-Soler to the industry at large.  I had never heard of this artist until “Paper Romance” by Groove Armada, and even then I was unaware as to the particulars of this oddly-named entity.  Turns out, Fenech-Soler is a four-piece electropop band from the UK and not a single person.  Actually, singer Ben Duffy represented the group on Groove Armada’s Black Light album, and there is no reason not to fall in love with this group.  Ben Duffy has a great pop-punk voice (think Hellogoodbye, Fallout Boy, etc.) that the group swirls into their emotional electropop to create undeniably catchy songs like “Demons”.  The mixes of “Demons” don’t stray far from the uplifting feel of the original, each staying within the style of the mixer.  Yuksek’s mix employs a lazy synth and a demanding beat, while Wideboys inject some bass into the track.  Drums of Death give what sounds like the most radical mix, frenzied and schizophrenic, while Jokers of the Scene give a deliberate and spacey mix.  Plump DJs go all out with a Dutch-inspired mix that sounds excellent.  And in a dubstep-lite mix, Alan Wilkis slows the track and throws in some electro quirkiness inbetween sympathetic bouts of emotional guitar.  All in all, “Demons” is a track you can take places, and should as Fenech-Soler is a band to watch out for.

Launching back onto the scene after her hit Greatest Hits single “3”, Britney attempts to stay ahead of the curve.  While the majority of her new track, “Hold It Against Me” is par for the commercial course (dance beats, crowd-pleasing sing-along lyrics), there is a deep growl to the production that belies the impending apocalypse that is the bridge.  The verse/chorus relationship swaps between growl and glimmer, but the bridge descends into mainstream dubstep for a whole new spin on your typical Britney song.  Love it or hate it, the track tackles the hurdle well, overlapping the section with smacking kisses and coy conjectures from the pop princess, sounding miraculously like Kylie Minogue (especially during the spoken-word section that heralds the end of the bridge).  The bottom line is that Britney is bulldozing her way back onto the charts and she is taking no prisoners.  Is this a sign of things to come, however, or a novelty track prepping us for the second single success?  Only time will tell, but if “Hold It Against Me” introduces dubstep to the world at large, I won’t hold it against her.

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For those who have yet to be introduced to the artist knows as Marina and the Diamonds, here is a little info.  The name is purely a change on her actual name, Marina Diamandis, which is Greek for (you guessed it) diamonds.  There are no other members, although she refers to her fans as the diamonds.  Her style is varied but genuinely UK and something that would be incredibly difficult to introduce to the American market at large.  However, to those who appreciate the style (like us), Marina’s music can be a breath of fresh air.  Take “Shampain” for example.  To sum it up briefly, it is like Yaz with Kate Bush on vocals instead of Alison Moyet.  If that doesn’t whet your appetite, maybe she’s not for you.  The track is effervescent, fun, and honest.  The video feels like an attempt to recreate the zombie dance, and mostly it comes across as an odd mix of Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold” and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” for this reason (with a little Lady Gaga “Paparazzi” thrown in for good measure).  This is a perfect slice of UK pop and something you should definitely tell your friends about.

The official videoclip of my new single “So True”. Released in Spain by Blanco Y Negro. About the idea behind the videoclip: I wanted to remind some of the most important things in life. Take three minutes of your time and watch. More than 70 people were involved to shoot this video.

 PS: we’re all in this together… 🙂

When Nelly Furtado made the switch from edgy folk-pop to urban with 2006’s Loose, her next step was anyone’s guess. And she completely flipped expectations by releasing a Spanish album. Here to head off her Best Of, Nelly embraces the current dance-pop craze with “Night Is Young”. The song focuses on a positive message about being free and being who you want to be while having a rather infectious beat and a great sing-along chorus. The video pretty much mirrors this concept as Nelly and a church choir of young men and women doff their robes and don angel wings, roller skates, hoodies, and some godawful pants. They paint the town all sorts of colors before ending the night in a dance off. The video boasts a simple subplot of a love story between an attractive brunette and a handsome curly-haired guy with a wide smile. “Night Is Young” is the first of three all-new tracks to be included on Nelly’s Best Of, and will tide us over until 2011 brings us her 5th studio album, Lifestyle.

The latest offering from Swedish hit-maker Elin Lanto (just because you may not have heard of her doesn’t mean she doesn’t make hits – don’t let Robyn block the rest of the talent from Sweden!) sounds like a Paris Hilton song written by Pat Benatar, but all in the best possible way.  The track can be summed up in one small word: CUTE.  “Tickles” is an electro pop rock song that would probably do well on US radio but will ultimately serve as another Swedish hit without making an impression on US soil.  Perhaps “Discotheque”, Lanto’s 2008 US release, wasn’t strong enough to warrant another shot in the States.  “Discotheque” in our humble opinions, was a great offering and so is “Tickles”.  Almighty gives the track a feel-good club vibe that would make excellent tea party fodder.  Elin Lanto proves to be yet another reason why Sweden is the place for excellent pop music…

Katy Perry follows up the first two massively successful singles from Teenage Dream with this little anthem about being true to yourself and realizing your inner power.  If only she didn’t do it with such an embarrassing video.  “Firework” is an excellent single, the chorus capturing the very vibe Katy is trying to express.  To sing along with this, you have to make yourself known, your voice heard.  You cannot whisper along with “Firework”, an aspect of the track the Wideboys definitely took advantage of in their stadium-friendly remix.  But the video is a shiny, sparkly mess.  Katy basically shoots the aforementioned colorful explosives out of…her bosom?  It’s not really clear but it is very awkward.  And the inspiration she provides others (including a boy who is tired of his arguing parents, a cancer patient who is bald, a chubby girl embarrassed to dive into a pool of hot people, and a magician who is mugged) lights their chest up with sparklers.  Eventually they run around the courtyard in the Parliament building emitting random rockets of light as they run around in what must be some sort of Pagan ritual.  Overall, it begs for a purpose that isn’t muddled in special effects, because the point of the video and song is a beautiful one.  I miss her whipped cream canisters.

It’s about time that Chris Willis gets top billing as the artist on a record. As the writer and vocal performer on many of David Guetta’s biggest hits, Chris has been performing all over the world. For “Louder,” Chris has combined his gospels influences with electro and a touch of europop (a la Eifel 65) for a hands-in-the-air (literally) club anthem. At my recent club gigs, I’ve noticed how much crowds like being led to put their hands up (whether by Zoe Baldwi or Taio Cruz), so “Louder” will definitely work for a crowd response record. If the original is a bit too commercial for you, one of the plethora of remixes (Lauren Wolf, Mig & Rizzo, Lost Daze, STFU, SillyBoy, Eddie Amador, Ray Roc & Gabe Ramos, Wawa, DJ Kharma vs DJ Monta, Simon De + Steve Forest) is almost guaranteed to be the right flavor. With over a million hits, the video is already massive.

Brand new video for School of Seven Bells’ latest single ‘Windstorm’.

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