Big thanks to Groove Armada for introducing Fenech-Soler to the industry at large.  I had never heard of this artist until “Paper Romance” by Groove Armada, and even then I was unaware as to the particulars of this oddly-named entity.  Turns out, Fenech-Soler is a four-piece electropop band from the UK and not a single person.  Actually, singer Ben Duffy represented the group on Groove Armada’s Black Light album, and there is no reason not to fall in love with this group.  Ben Duffy has a great pop-punk voice (think Hellogoodbye, Fallout Boy, etc.) that the group swirls into their emotional electropop to create undeniably catchy songs like “Demons”.  The mixes of “Demons” don’t stray far from the uplifting feel of the original, each staying within the style of the mixer.  Yuksek’s mix employs a lazy synth and a demanding beat, while Wideboys inject some bass into the track.  Drums of Death give what sounds like the most radical mix, frenzied and schizophrenic, while Jokers of the Scene give a deliberate and spacey mix.  Plump DJs go all out with a Dutch-inspired mix that sounds excellent.  And in a dubstep-lite mix, Alan Wilkis slows the track and throws in some electro quirkiness inbetween sympathetic bouts of emotional guitar.  All in all, “Demons” is a track you can take places, and should as Fenech-Soler is a band to watch out for.