When Nelly Furtado made the switch from edgy folk-pop to urban with 2006’s Loose, her next step was anyone’s guess. And she completely flipped expectations by releasing a Spanish album. Here to head off her Best Of, Nelly embraces the current dance-pop craze with “Night Is Young”. The song focuses on a positive message about being free and being who you want to be while having a rather infectious beat and a great sing-along chorus. The video pretty much mirrors this concept as Nelly and a church choir of young men and women doff their robes and don angel wings, roller skates, hoodies, and some godawful pants. They paint the town all sorts of colors before ending the night in a dance off. The video boasts a simple subplot of a love story between an attractive brunette and a handsome curly-haired guy with a wide smile. “Night Is Young” is the first of three all-new tracks to be included on Nelly’s Best Of, and will tide us over until 2011 brings us her 5th studio album, Lifestyle.