Launching back onto the scene after her hit Greatest Hits single “3”, Britney attempts to stay ahead of the curve.  While the majority of her new track, “Hold It Against Me” is par for the commercial course (dance beats, crowd-pleasing sing-along lyrics), there is a deep growl to the production that belies the impending apocalypse that is the bridge.  The verse/chorus relationship swaps between growl and glimmer, but the bridge descends into mainstream dubstep for a whole new spin on your typical Britney song.  Love it or hate it, the track tackles the hurdle well, overlapping the section with smacking kisses and coy conjectures from the pop princess, sounding miraculously like Kylie Minogue (especially during the spoken-word section that heralds the end of the bridge).  The bottom line is that Britney is bulldozing her way back onto the charts and she is taking no prisoners.  Is this a sign of things to come, however, or a novelty track prepping us for the second single success?  Only time will tell, but if “Hold It Against Me” introduces dubstep to the world at large, I won’t hold it against her.

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