Katy Perry follows up the first two massively successful singles from Teenage Dream with this little anthem about being true to yourself and realizing your inner power.  If only she didn’t do it with such an embarrassing video.  “Firework” is an excellent single, the chorus capturing the very vibe Katy is trying to express.  To sing along with this, you have to make yourself known, your voice heard.  You cannot whisper along with “Firework”, an aspect of the track the Wideboys definitely took advantage of in their stadium-friendly remix.  But the video is a shiny, sparkly mess.  Katy basically shoots the aforementioned colorful explosives out of…her bosom?  It’s not really clear but it is very awkward.  And the inspiration she provides others (including a boy who is tired of his arguing parents, a cancer patient who is bald, a chubby girl embarrassed to dive into a pool of hot people, and a magician who is mugged) lights their chest up with sparklers.  Eventually they run around the courtyard in the Parliament building emitting random rockets of light as they run around in what must be some sort of Pagan ritual.  Overall, it begs for a purpose that isn’t muddled in special effects, because the point of the video and song is a beautiful one.  I miss her whipped cream canisters.