It’s about time that Chris Willis gets top billing as the artist on a record. As the writer and vocal performer on many of David Guetta’s biggest hits, Chris has been performing all over the world. For “Louder,” Chris has combined his gospels influences with electro and a touch of europop (a la Eifel 65) for a hands-in-the-air (literally) club anthem. At my recent club gigs, I’ve noticed how much crowds like being led to put their hands up (whether by Zoe Baldwi or Taio Cruz), so “Louder” will definitely work for a crowd response record. If the original is a bit too commercial for you, one of the plethora of remixes (Lauren Wolf, Mig & Rizzo, Lost Daze, STFU, SillyBoy, Eddie Amador, Ray Roc & Gabe Ramos, Wawa, DJ Kharma vs DJ Monta, Simon De + Steve Forest) is almost guaranteed to be the right flavor. With over a million hits, the video is already massive.