Here’s something new in the world of Internet radios – Grace Wi-Fi Internet Radio that features Pandora. It gives you absolute control of your Pandora stations directly from the front of the radio, through the remote control, or the iPhone remote control app that comes for free. With its fully integrated Pandora capabilities, you can control Pandora stations the way you do using a computer. It even allows you to bookmark songs that you can listen to or purchase from Amazon or iTunes.
Another thing that makes this Internet radio awesome is that it lets you go where no IR remote has gone before. Through this you can adjust the volume, look for stations, turn the radio on and off, and set presets or any of the five alarms. This radio can also be connected to your speakers or to your home stereo system. The said Pandora radio comes with rear ported speakers which provide it with full dynamic sound. Aside from that, you can also listen to more than 50,000 radio stations.

The Pandora Wi-Fi Internet Radio is also user-friendly. It has an adjustable 4-line backlit LCD display that makes it way easy for you to view your selections and adjust your audio settings or display the title of the songs and artist details. Furthermore, you can adjust the dual band equalization settings to transform your music sound into something that’s played right in front of you. If this gadget captures your interest, click here and purchase the Grace Digital GDI-IR2550P Pandora Wi-Fi Internet Radio now!