Here is some excellent pop music. Well, if you can look beyond the pure lyrical brilliance of rhyming “mine” with “mine”, “Scratch” by the cheesily-named and well-executed new girl group Beach Girl5 is definitely excellent pop music. The energy is rampant and small layers are added as the track progresses, making it a chaotically wonderful experience. The video introduces us to the five girls, although Brooke, Noreen, Dominique, Laura, and Brandy will sort of blend and become obligatory singing faces. One of the blondes seems to get more face time than the other girls, but as I can’t tell which blonde is which, perhaps they are both equally sharing the screen. While the original is a party and a half, it is also three minutes and a half, making club use a little limited. Digital Dog and Dave Aude have both given great remixes of the track to surpass this dilemma. “Scratch” may just land itself a solid placement in upcoming charts.