By reading the title you would expect that the book is just about wiki’s, but it takes on a much broader picture. The book is about how mass collaboration is making great changes to institutions and, as a result, society, the economy, and the way we deal in our everyday lives. For many, the term Web 2.0 is foreign, but it is making its presence known in the forms of Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube, Blogs and countless other forms of social media. This social media storm is the catalyst for the change which will present new opportunities for business and the private sector alike. Since this change is in its infancy, authors Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams have some practical examples of how this is happening and suggestions how to get on the bandwagon without getting lost in the shuffle.

            “Wikinomics”, when applied correctly, can be a huge boon to business. Sharing, with proper planning and maintenance, will provide countless new resources for knowledge growth and further development. Mindsharing has expanded not only the resources we have but the way we think about them in terms of the future. Ongoing support is of key importance no matter what the social media approach being used. Consistency and planning the proper structure helps to establish your community. Just like any other business venture, mass collaboration means ceding some control and embracing transparency. It is this very step that will hone the collaborative mind and allow the communities to take on lives of their own and spread out. In the ever changing global economy, social media is finding its place as a method for expanding small and large businesses. As Don Tapscot has said, “the monolithic, self-contained, inwardly focused corporation is dead.” Mass Collaboration is here. Whether you like it or not and “Wikinomics” shows you what can happen when you embrace change.