These days there seems to be no other band which delights its numerous fans with  more musical output than RPWL. Now, RPWL bassist Chris Postl has launched his first solodisc.

For his ambitious project “Parzival’s Eye“ he got support from illustrous musicians, among them the voices of Christina Booth (Magenta) and Alan Reed (Pallas). But the best is yet to come: Alan-Parsons-Project guitarist Ian Bairnson took care of the fiery guitar solos.

“Fragments“ is by far the most RPWL-like solo effort: self-indulgent midtempo songs with gripping Floyd-like harmony vocals form its cornerstones, like in “Wide World“. As insiders know, this is no wonder, since the multiplayer Postl contributes a lot to the creation of RPWL-songs, even though he is officially “just“ RPWL’s bassist.

With Parzival’s Eye’s “Fragments“ a new and bright star has risen in the vast RPWL-universe which is definitely worth a visit. Please listen to Chris explore his new album and his thoughts on how it developed: