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          The main of goal of any social bookmarking utility is to create an easy way for users to share common interests. In review of the Maui Community College Library’s (UHMC) delicious.com bookmarks, it is clear to see that the network they have created supports the needs of the library in their social bookmaking efforts. Most importantly, it serves the needs of the students by making the topics easily accessible by assigning tags that correspond to the information represented. The tagging of websites enables them to be categorized for easy reference by those who have like interests.

          Social cataloguing is geared toward academics and also allows the user to post a citation for an article found on the net or an online database such as Academic Search Premier. The citation can then be organized as well into predefined categories further defined by the user by using tags and creating tag bundles. UHMS has not taken advantage of this process at this time but they have further defined their tagging process. Looking at an example of their tags for technology, by clicking on this tagged group it will further breakdown the tags into subcategories of over 122 related tags allowing the users to browse through the technology subjects and pinpoint something of specific interest.
          UHMC has started the move towards social bookmarking, but has not yet taken advantage of social cataloguing. In my opinion I feel that this would be of great value, especially from a students perspective, enabling them to have access to more potential resources for their research.