Europop seems like one of the biggest exports these days and with the amount of it being released it’s sometimes hard to wade through and pick up the golden nuggets. Looking for a solid producer is a good way to eliminate the chaff, so when you see Love to Infinity on a project you know you’ve got something good in your hands. Their remixes and productions over the years with Kelly Llorena and Soda Club speak for itself. The LTI guys found Carina Lirola at the Ministry of Sound club in London and instantly Ezcapade was formed. “When the Beat Drops” is an upbeat (not frantic) eurodance track with a catchy chorus wit Carina emulating a variety of vocal styles – talk-sing a la Ke$ha, a taste of Cascada’s imitation of Redone productions, and even a dose of Tamperer beats. Yes, “When the Beat Drops” is nothing you haven’t heard before but it’s quite compelling with a chorus that will implant itself in your brain. Carina sells the typical dancepop video cliches with a nod and a wink while the Wideboys remix helps make it a bit more club friendly.