The wait is over! Caprica Season 1.5 will be premiering on Syfy tonight at 10/9c! Syfy has redone their homepage for the event:

Also, The Caprican has been updated with a spoiler about the fate of Graystone Industries.

Syfy will be airing a marathon of Caprica episodes tonight:

Oct 5 10:00 AM Caprica Caprica Pilot Oct 5 12:00 PM Caprica Rebirth Oct 5 01:00 PM Caprica Reins Of A Waterfall Oct 5 02:00 PM Caprica Gravedancing Oct 5 03:00 PM Caprica There Is Another Sky Oct 5 04:00 PM Caprica Know Thy Enemy Oct 5 05:00 PM Caprica The Imperfections Of Memory Oct 5 06:00 PM Caprica Ghosts In The Machine Oct 5 07:00 PM Caprica End Of Line

Unvanquished, the premier episode of Season 1.5 will be airing at 10/9 c and again at 12/11 c.