What is a wiki?…. and no I didn’t say wookie, I said wiki!

A wiki is an editable webpage that is started by one person, but takes on a life of its own because anyone can edit and update the information that is presented. They are primarily used in circumstances where a group of people need to create, edit and review one another’s articles pertaining to the subject matter offered. They are useful for business workgroups and also for web-based software and knowledge projects. The software for the wiki exists in the cloud. Cloud computing refers to accessing computing resources that are typically owned and operated by a third-party provider which is accessible through the Internet. The most famous is probably Wikipedia a huge free online encyclopedia with commentaries contributed from people across the globe. Some examples of web-based wikis are:
I have also included some of the wiki’s that I use as a resource for YA information involving TV media and entertainment.
Smallville wiki
Fringe Wiki
Chuck Wiki
Doctor Who Wiki
Caprica Wiki