A gust of wind. A howling wolf. A blond girl shakes an unmoving small boy with curly hair. Thus starts “Dragons,” the new single from The Green Children, a dreamy slice of compelling electro pop with a strong sense of 1980’s power pop songwriting. The Green Children are the Norwegian Milla and the British Marlowe. Together they create beautiful melodies that bouy Milla’s light but sharp vocals into that part of your brain where songs get stuck. The video is a little Alice in Wonderland and it doesn’t really suit the song at all, but that is just fine. That the song exists at all is a boon in our ears. Due to the simplistic electronic instrumentation of “Dragons,”it has proven to be a good target for remixes. Paul Oakenfold and Digital Dog both attempted the track, Oakenfold’s mix a swirl of sounds that proves adequate but not memorable. However, on September 20th, Digital Dog releases one of their strongest mixes to date, the original creating a perfect platform for their signature sound. Get on this track, people, it’s worthy of the big time. Source: http://dancemusic.about.com/